[SOLD] 1985 Mazda RX7 GSL-SE (13B Streetport) SCCA E-Production Race Car For Sale

23 11 2009

After all the hard work of the rebuild I finally came to the difficult decision that the RX7 is just not the right car for me at this point. There were many factors that came into the decision and I will not bore you with all the gory details; The salient points were the lack of local resources for tech help and the higher cost of being competitive in the flexible production classes as opposed to the more restrictive stock classes. I will be racing my 97 Dodge Neon in ITA for the 2010 season due to the lower cost & easy availability of parts, and the lack of need to invest in a ton of performance upgrades in order to be competitive.

This car is logbooked for SCCA E-Production class club racing. Zero hours on freshly rebuilt 13-B Streetport engine. Rebuilt with Atkins Rotary seal kit, including Atkins patented solid corner seals.

Car has Koni coilovers, disc brakes all round, racing clutch, LSD, Victory racing wheels, Kirky seat, fuel cell, steel braided fuel and oil lines, oil cooler, roll cage with NASCAR style driver’s door, fire system etc. etc.  Ready to race. Just needs some new brake pads, a few cosmetic items, tuning and setup. Hasn’t been raced since October 2006.

Trailer available for an extra $1,000 if you need it.

Spares include: distributor cap & wires, brake rotors, front quarter panel, full exhaust, transmission, extra set of wheels, and a dozen racing tires (mostly Hoosiers).





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