The 13B Rebuild Chronicles :: Chapter 4 :: Rotor Wet Assembly

21 02 2009

Okay, the time had finally come to start the REAL assembly!  After months of procrastinating, ordering parts, cleaning parts, etc. the moment of truth was upon us!

I awoke early today and, after a brief stop at Pangea Cafe (our local coffee spot) for a hot cup of African Nectar (aka Rooibos) tea and some eggs & bacon, I headed to AutoZone for supplies.

suppliesHere’s what I got, all of which is needed for the complete longblock assembly (pictured from left to right):

  • STP Engine Treatment (to make  an assembly oil mixture with 50/50 STP and regular motor oil).
  • Marvel Mystery Oil
  • Oiler can (for the assembly oil mixture)
  • Spreadable gasket sealant
  • Hylomar
  • Anti-seize Thread Lubricant
  • RTX Silicon Sealant (Permatex Ultra Grey 599)
  • Blue LockTite
  • Red LockTite
  • Paper Towels (not pictured from here in the list)
  • Rubber bands
  • Scotchbrite pads

First up, I pulled out all my new corner seals and springs (Atkins Rotary solid corner seals), apex seals & springs, side seal springs, oil rings etc.

Cutting open the Fedex box in which my rebuild kit had arrived i used it as a working surface to do the wet assembly.  I knew that there would be a lot of petroleum jelly flying around and did not want to get the carpetted surface of my work bench soaked with it as it would be difficult to get out later.

Following along with Bruce Turrentine’s rebuild DVD I installed the oil seals. Here you can see the rotors with the oil seals installed in the first one:

rotors_wet1Shortly thereafter Doug arrived, followed by Matt, which made me happy.  It’s always better to share such experiences, and much valuable male bonding can result from these man-cave adventures.

Matty did one rotor while I did the other. Doug provided quality control and guidance (as he was flipping back and forth between the Bruce Turrrentine and the Atkins Rotary rebuild DVDs).

We installed the corner seal springs & seals, then side seal springs and (previously sized) side seals using copious amounts of KY to keep everything in place. rotors_wet

Then came the install of the apex seal springs and apex seals (except for the small corner inserts). I am using the two-piece Atkins Rotary apex seals (2mm), so the large piece is installed, with the pointed end facing rearwards (toward the flywheel side of the engine), and the corner inserts are added during the longblock assembly, once the rotors are inside the housings.

And finally, we wrap the rotors with rubber bands to hold the apex seals in place until later (just in case the gobs of KY weren’t enough).


Grant Boshoff
Thrust Motorsports




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